Our Story

Welcome to YOGAVENTURES! We're an Australian based yoga and travel company offering indulgent yoga retreats in exotic locations to reset, reconnect and elevate. We believe in living a happy, inspired, free-spirited kind-of-life. Our mission is to bring a small group of legends together in a beautiful natural setting and make some epic, epic memories to last the years. Each one of our unique yoga retreats is handcrafted from scratch to deliver you a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other.

We combine today’s most influential yoga teachers, inspiring adventures, delicious cuisine, and yoga to leave you with all the good feels. Our aim is to make each retreat a way to restoring wellbeing with feel-good nutrition, whether that be a nutritious detox meal plan or a glass of champagne in the hot tub. We encourage you to leave behind the regular daily grind and fully immerse yourself in renewing your zest for life. Relax, dance, laugh, explore, count the stars, connect, get pampered, practice yoga and adventure out of your comfort zone.

All of our retreats have been created with your health and wellness in mind. Whether you require relaxation, pampering or invigorating adventure, just as yoga does, we ask you to tune in to what you are needing and go from there. Unlike other retreats, we believe that your trip should be free from regimes and non-restrictive. We follow the 'do what feels good' kinda method. Know you have the flexibility to join us on an adventure or chill out with a massage. Do as much or as little as you like. Everything is optional, event the yoga. 

All our retreats are truly unique in their experience. Best of all, the adventure always goes down at one of our hand picked, off the beaten path destinations amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Come by yourself, bring your bestie, or your partner. Get wonderfully lost. Be adventurously found.