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We understand the stressors that come with corporate environments; meeting work deadlines, strains of sitting too long, excessive use of technology, stress and anxiety. We offer yoga and meditation corporate programs in all Australian cities to help create happier, healthier, higher functioning workplaces, one forward-thinking company at a time. Yoga and meditation are a cost effective solution for your workplace and are key to calmer bodies, increased energy levels, sharper minds, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, greater creativity, and improved decisions from a place of balance and heightened awareness. The best part? We come to your office on a day and time that suits you. 


Book Now

  • Corporate Yoga Class

    Reboot with an invigorating flow yoga

    1 hr


  • Corporate Desk Yoga Class

    Gentle seated stretches to implement at your work desk

    1 hr


  • Corporate Meditation Class

    Mindfulness and breathing techniques to combat stress

    1 hr


  • Posture and Ergonomics Stretch Workshop

    Explore optimal sitting postures and guided stretches

    2 hr


  • De-Stress At Your Desk Workshop

    Stress management tools for busy professionals

    2 hr


  • Mindfulness and Technology Workshop

    Set digital boundaries and cultivate mindfulness to battle stress

    2 hr


  • Corporate 3 Day Byron Yoga Retreat

    Recharge, detox and rebalance with a corporate yoga retreat

    72 hr

    Prices Vary




We asked Yogaventures to lead a yoga class for our Dulux trade team for a culture day in Brisbane to help Corporate employees with stress and anxiety. We had a lot of first time yogi’s in this session and the class was tailored beautifully to allow for this. It was a great mix of learning to calm the mind, the nerves and the body and feel utterly relaxed and rejuvenated after wards. The teacher's teaching style was compassionate, soft and gentle allowing for different levels of yoga to be catered for. — Paula, Dulux


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