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Leave behind the distractions of home life and fully drop into your practice with this life-altering internationally-certified all-inclusive residential level one 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for therapeutic benefits with Emma Ceolin. 

In a culture where we're chronically rest-deprived and flooded with stress hormones, yoga training is not only a way to dive deep into doing something you love, but also a way to be of service.


Whether you're looking to turn your passion into a sustainable, rewarding career, or simply drop into self-care and self-growth, you'll spend 14 days and 13 nights in stunning luxury accommodation while you practice yoga. Every day you'll be nourished with healthy meals, ocean swims and dreamy sunsets.

This intensive-structured training focuses on yoga for the therapeutic benefits, mental health and wellbeing. Unlike other trainings, we offer exclusively small groups with no more than 9 students for a personal and individually-tailored bespoke experience.


We take care of everything from a mindfully-balanced training schedule for the time conscious to luxury 5-star accommodation to the delicious wholesome menu. You just have to show up ready to learn and grow.

Training Info Pack

Follow the below link and we'll send through a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Info Pack and keep you posted on promotions, new dates and new destinations right to your inbox.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand overseas events and travel can be a big investment. In an effort to make yoga more accessible we offer various flexible and manageable payment options below.


Payment in full. No fuss, no muss. This option involves little to no administration.


Place an AUD $500 deposit and receive an invoice for the final payment (less deposit). In order to attend the event, your final payment (less deposit) must be received 90 days prior to start date.


Payment plans are through our partner Parial.ly. They require an AUD $500 deposit and final balance is divided into equal payments (less AUD $500 deposit) defined by customer with final payment due 45 days prior to event. Payment plans incur a small administration cost. 

Upcoming Events & Pricing

Our prices are all-inclusive and cover 13-nights luxury 5-star accommodation in paradise, delicious daily meals prepared by chefs, airport transfers, all yoga props and full 200 hour teacher training tuition. This investment is reflective of our exceptional service, friendly staff that go above and beyond every step of the way, and the most experienced yoga and meditation teachers possible.


What's Included


13 restful nights away at gorgeously appointed luxury ocean-front accommodation in paradise.


As a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, we provide you with a certificate of completion to apply for RYT® 200.


Learn in nature with daily ocean swims, dreamy cotton candy sunsets and yoga practice with nature all around.


Daily spiritual discussion, intimate sharing circles and deep connections with beautiful humans from all over the world.


To make travel as stress-free as possible we offer airport transfers on the start and end day of training to the nearest airport.


Full 200hr tuition in a mindfully-scheduled intensive-structured course with pre-coursework for those time-conscious.


One full day off to recharge with 1 x complimentary massage and as much beach or pool time as you like.


Upon arrival, we gift you with a Mndfl Mats eco-luxe yoga mat, strap, block, eye pillow and other goodies for your journey.


Delicious and nourishing daily plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep you energised and feeling good.


We offer exclusively small groups with no more than 9 students for a good student-teacher ratio and a bespoke experience.


Supportive learning environment, cater to all 7 learning styles, and work with you one-on-one for 'stress-less' assessment.


Welcome dinner, opening circle, farewell dinner, closing circle and graduation ceremony to celebrate the journey.


Who This Training Is For


Anyone new to yoga and wanting to learn about wellness, stress, anxiety and drop deeper into self-awareness, self-growth and self-care.


Whether you're a newbie or seasoned yogi look no further to dive deeper into this heart-centred practice.


Aspiring yoga teachers looking to deepen their professional development and turn a passion into a way of life.


Health professionals looking to incorporate yoga and meditation teachings into their practice.

Training Modules


*Please note that in order to cover all 200 hours in this intensive structured course, students are required to complete pre-coursework before they arrive for training.

Module 1

Yoga Humanities (30 hours)

Unwind the beautifully woven tapestry of yoga philosophy, history and ethics and explore how it can be transcribed to this fast-paced modern lifestyle. We'll get to the heart of this practice, study ancient yoga sutras, 8 limbs of yoga, yoga traditions and how we can apply this to live a healthier, happier life and inspire others to do so too. Topics include Ahimsa (compassion), Seva (selfless service) and Dharma (following your purpose).

Module 2

Anatomy, Physiology and the Mind (30 hours)

With this introduction to anatomy and physiology, we'll learn about the physical, mental and energetic benefits of yoga. We'll touch on the bones, joints, muscles, connective tissues, and the energetic body and discover how yoga affects the nervous system and the mind. This module is all about internal functionality, safe alignment and anatomically-mindful sequencing to cultivate longevity in the practice.

Module 3

The Practice (75 hours)

Dive deep into your practice. Here, we'll focus more on how yoga feels, rather than how it looks. As we find movement on the mat, we'll break down each asana, meditation and mindfulness-based practice to help find ease and explore various anatomical and physiological principals leading to alignment, benefits, modification, variations, use of props and contraindications. In this module you'll be participating in little bite sizes of teaching every day with feedback to build skills and confidence.

Module 4

The Self (65 hours)

In this module, we'll explore the self - diving into self-awareness, silent contemplation, reflection, healing and personal discovery so you can shed layers and show up to the mat to give your very best version to the world. For this new beginning, we'll focus on teaching from the heart, making money with a purpose, creating abundance, travelling and teaching yoga, running a business and transforming this passion into a sustainable career.  We'll then close by setting some powerful intentions and manifestations for you to truly shine.


Sample Schedule

*Subject to change


Lead Yoga Trainer

Emma Ceolin

Emma Ceolin is an experienced international yoga teacher (ERYT®500, RPYT®, RCYT®, YACEP®, RYS®200) based at Gold Coast, Australia. She's also the founder of Yogaventures, Mndfl Mats, and The Anxiety Effect. Emma first found yoga as a therapy for her own anxiety and depression and it changed her life forever. Seven years on, she is now a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher specialising in sharing yoga for mental health, healing and therapeutic benefits. Emma has extensive experience leading an array of sold-out workshops, retreats and teacher trainings across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. She is best known for being one of the first yoga for anxiety teachers and has now taught hundreds of successful Yoga for Anxiety Workshops worldwide. Expect a gentle, inward and heart-centred practice with an emphasis on breath awareness and mindful movement to soften back in.

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Yoga Trainer

Leanne Gerich

Meet Leanne. Canadian-born Yoga Teacher (ERYT®500), Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner based in Brisbane, Australia. Leanne has over 5 years teaching yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide. Leanne graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2011, Strala Yoga in 2014, Karma Teachers for Vinyasa Yoga in 2015, and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016. As a yoga teacher, Leanne is passionate about stress management and specialises in vinyasa flows to place controlled amounts of stress on the body and mindfulness-based practices to build inner resilience. As a certified and practicing holistic nutritionist, she is passionate about food as medicine and the mind-gut connection.

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Words From The Teacher

"I remember when I did my first Yoga Teacher Training and I had no idea about yoga or what to expect. I had been moving through anxiety and depression and wasn't quite sure what I wanted out of the training or if I even wanted to teach yoga. It turned out to be the most transformational, evolutionary time of my life. There were lots of tears, laughs, coming face to face with my deepest fears and long-lasting friendships as I peeled back the layers and journeyed into the self. It was challenging, demanding and gently pushed me to deliver a level of commitment, vulnerability and honesty towards my own personal development and spiritual growth. This was my hope and vision when creating this teacher training. After thousands of hours of training and years of preparing, I'm so excited to bring this teacher training to life. With an increase in demand for yoga for the mental and emotional benefits, this course will have a strong emphasis based around yoga for wellbeing, stress, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, trauma, emotional release and healing. And my hope is that you'll be apart of a family of fellow yogis and yoginis undergoing this internal journey along the way." — Emma Ceolin




Emma is one of the most inspiring, caring and skilful teachers I have ever met and the training she has created for Yogaventures is extraordinary. When booking it seemed inconceivable that we could complete an entire 200 hour teaching in 14 days without being exhausted and rushed; but with thanks to the most considerate scheduling I’ve ever encountered, and a truly nurturing and mindful teaching style and lesson plan; Emma and Yogaventures created an immersive environment that was both nourishing and empowering. I never felt overwhelmed and I was thrilled with both the content and the manner it was delivered. I felt secure, nurtured and never pushed beyond my comfort zone to a scary or uncomfortable place.



What an incredible experience! Emma absolutely made this learning experience one in a million! Emma is a wealth of knowledge from asana, to pranayama, mental health and understandings of the brain. Emma created a safe learning environment and was able to reach a vulnerable side of self-exploration for all of us, without being confronting. Emma was approachable, compassionate and so kind, she went above and beyond for every single one of us in whatever way we needed. She tailored the course to each of us specifically and ensured we each got out of it what we needed.



I first went to Emma's yoga for anxiety workshop, which was incredible. She has such a beautiful energy and ability to calm a whole room of people just by being in it. I then recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and I couldn't recommend her any more highly! She is one in 7 billion! Not only is she beautiful, compassionate, caring and positive energy to be around; but she is FULL OF KNOWLEDGE!! This lady knows her stuff. Both about yoga, the body and mental health. If you ever want to get involved and aren't sure, I highly recommend Emma and Yogaventures, they provide such a personal and individual experience which you definitely can't find anywhere! Thanks, Emma for being you and for all that you do! From one very grateful student.



I have just completed Emma’s 200 hr teacher training in Bali. It was an amazing and epic yoga journey both physically and emotionally. Emma’s professionalisms, nurturing and supportive teaching style took me in an AMA unfortunately personal development journey resulting in an improved yoga practice and self awareness. I was blown away with how much I have grown, so much so that I feel confident to lead and teach a beginners yoga class.
If you are reading this thinking, how can you do your training in 14 days when most are 21 days I would say yes you can. Emma had really thought about this and had structured the days to ensure that all aspects were covered. Hi for it- you won’t look back.
I would thoroughly recommend Emma’s training and Yogaventures


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Phone Consultation

Prefer to ask your questions over the phone or online? We totally understand! We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with lead yoga teacher, Emma Ceolin, to get a feel for what we offer and chat about any queries you may have. This can be scheduled via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Instagram Chat for a day and time that suits your schedule.